Old Dude at SFAS

  • Looking for advice for the old dude at SFAS.  Hoping to start a private conversation for guidance, support and recommendations.  

  • Hey Will, 

    How old are we talking? I was 29 when I went through. There were plenty of guys that were older than I. Dont look at your age as a detriment, if anything your wisdom will help you!

  • @FNG_Kurt  I will be 42 when I hit SFAS.  I would love some offline guidance and direction if that is possible?  Appreciate what you all do, have been working with the teams for several years now and I finally got the nerve and the conditioning to give it a shot.  

  • @Will Feel free to shoot me a message, Ill help out where I can

  • @Will could you expound on your circumstances? Are you active? I am about to be 39 and was under the impression that 35 was essentially a cutoff for selection. I'd like to get your advice.

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